The purpose of HFH is to eliminate sub-standard housing: to build low-cost housing for families in need. The need for such housing in this area is very great.

HFH does not do repair work on already built homes nor will it build a home for a person who can supply the land. Each applicant must go through the same application and selection process.

Habitat for Humanity Lake City/Columbia County has completed eight homes in Lake City.

An application form is available from City Hall, the Columbia County Public Library or may be printed from this website. You must fill out the form completely and mail it to:

Habitat for Humanity Lake City
P.O.Box 487
Lake City, Florida 32056

Upon receipt of your application we will notify you of our next Orientation Meeting which you will be required to attend to finalize your application.

You can also apply here on our website, CLICK HERE to complete our online application.

Applicants must also upload or mail in a copy of their credit report during the application phase.  Click Here to access your free credit report, or you can also access it at Credit Karma. 

There are only three qualifications to be considered for a HFH home.

  1. You must be living in a substandard house in Columbia County (including Lake City)

  2. You must have a reasonable credit record and a reliable source of income to make 0% mortgage payments.

  3. You must complete a minimum of 350 hours of sweat equity with HFH.

Complete and mail an Application or CLICK HERE to apply online. After reviewing your application, the Selection Committee will notify you if you meet the first 2 of the 3 qualifications. The 350 hour requirement must be met to be considered for the home. Habitat homes are not gifts – the owners work hard to help build them. And they pay the 0% interest mortgage.

Near the end of the construction, the Selection Committee will review the Applicants to make sure the 350 hour requirement has been met. The final selection from the fully qualified Applicants will be based upon the total hours worked, their willingness to become involved in “their” new home and their dedication to the HFH project.

The hours worked on one Lake City Habitat project can carry over to the next! Remember, the total hours worked is considered. You’re already up 350 hours on the next house. You will have the personal satisfaction of helping to build a home for someone in need of affordable, comfortable housing. You will have worked side by side with Volunteers who are getting nothing but personal satisfaction out of their efforts. If you don’t have knowledge of construction and maintenance, then you will have had the opportunity to learn. If you do have that knowledge, then you will have had a chance to teach others.

Get involved now!
One applicant shares her experience: “after working with these Volunteers – people that were there every Saturday, working because they wanted to help someone and they didn’t even know who it was going to be – working with them lit a spark in me. I knew that if I wanted to get somewhere, I had to be willing to put in the effort. I’m still working full time, raising a family and now going to Lake City Community College. Working with the Habitat Volunteers changed my life. I’m no longer trapped – I’m going somewhere.”