Habitat for Humanity of Lake City/Columbia County depends completely on support from local businesses, individuals and groups who contribute their money, time and effort. We receive no government funding. You can support our home-building efforts with cash donations, with in-kind donations (building materials, windows, appliances, etc.), or by volunteering to work on committees or with the construction of a new home. Churches, civic groups and local businesses are encouraged to participate as teams. During the construction of our first home our work was often delayed because we had insufficient funds or because we lacked volunteer workers. Progress was slow but a home was finished in October of 2005 and a hard-working, deserving family took ownership of the home they helped build. It was a hard-earned success but a great success nonetheless. One of the many lessons we learned during the process was that we need more help from more people. We ask for your contribution of money, services or materials.

Help fund a house–join the Square Foot Club today. A contribution of $45 will buy the materials to build 1 square foot of our current or next project. Members of the Square Foot Club are honored on our web site and are also on a signs erected on our building sites.

Cash is always needed to pay for electricity, water and sewer connections, building materials and supplies. You can make a donation of any size online through PayPal, or by check to:

Habitat for Humanity
Lake City/Columbia County, Inc.
P.O. Box 487
Lake City, Florida 32056

Local contractors and other building professionals are needed to help build our homes and to supervise and train volunteers. Building and service companies are also needed to provide roofing, electrical services, HVAC, landscaping, and flooring. Please contact us to inquire about sponsoring or supervising a specific job. Your help is greatly needed.

Here’s your chance to do “Ultimate Spring Cleaning” and benefit Lake City/Columbia County Habitat for Humanity at the same time. Forget the house – look in your garage and yard (and your neighbors’ yards) for the treasures. Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes™ is a national program that recycles used cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, construction equipment or other vehicles to raise funds for HFH home construction. Running or not, your old treasures can be put to good use through this program.

Donors simply call the Cars for Homes™ number (877) 277-HFHI (4344) or visit to donate vehicles. Accepted vehicles are sold through wholesale auctions, salvage yards, and automotive recyclers. Donors are sent an acknowledgement from HFHI and all the forms required by the IRS regulations. Net proceeds and donor contact information generated by the donations are disbursed to HFH affiliates, based on the zip code of the donor. These are unrestricted funds to help build homes in partnership with local families in need of decent affordable shelter.

Lake City funeral directors have information on how to make a memorial gift to Habitat for Humanity Lake City/Columbia County. When a gift is received, a card is sent to the family notifying them of your remembrance.

We purchase many of the materials used during the construction of our homes. We also seek contributions of materials or discounts when we purchase materials. Many businesses contribute building materials and provide us with discounts during the construction of our homes. We ask you to join us in building our next home. Your contributions to a home-building project will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us to inquire about donating materials or discounts to Habitat for Humanity Lake City/Columbia County.

Proper estate planning not only helps the recipient but can have significant tax advantages to the owner. Contact us for more information; one of our Volunteers, a Professional Financial Advisor, will be glad to answer any questions you might have on how to name Habitat for Humanity Lake City/Columbia County as the recipient of your gift.

Many young people with growing families have purchased small life insurance policies. Years later, through hard work, time, and Grace, these policies are no longer needed because the children are on their own and financial security has finally been obtained. The transfer of ownership of an insurance policy to Habitat for Humanity of Lake City/Columbia County not only provides funding necessary for building future homes, but can also result in a tax deduction for the current owner. Such deductions are based on the value of the policy and additional deductions accrue if further premiums are paid. Remember that your gift will help one or more families move out of substandard housing and into a new home. Please contact us to inquire about donating ownership of an insurance policy to HFH Lake City/Columbia County.

Gifts may be made of a personal residence, a vacation home, a commercial property or undeveloped land. Such a gift will entitle you to a federal income tax charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the property on the date of your gift, provided you have owned the property for more than one year. Capital gains taxes are also avoided by donating real estate to Habitat for Humanity of Lake City / Columbia County.

Two Ways of Giving Real Estate
Outright: If the property is in Columbia County, you deed the property directly to HFH Lake City/Columbia County. If the property is outside Columbia County, we will assist you in selling the property so that you still receive the tax benefits. One hundred percent of the property’s appraised market value is income tax deductible.
Retained Life Tenancy: If you own a primary residence, a second home or a farm that you do not wish to dispose of in your estate, but wish to continue using, then you may make a gift to Habitat of the remaining interest in that property. This method of giving
1) allows you to remain living in your home for your lifetime;
2) generates a current income tax charitable deduction;
3) causes the property to pass automatically at your death to Habitat.

Contact us for more information; one of our Volunteers, a Professional Financial Advisor, will be glad to answer any questions you might have on how to make a gift of Real Estate to HFH Lake City/Columbia County.

Although Habitat for Humanity of Lake City/Columbia County needs donations through gifts, the need for obtaining long-range funding is essential to our continued operation. Even though you may not feel prepared to make an outright gift today, planned giving can be an excellent way to leave a legacy for tomorrow while receiving the tax benefits today.

You will benefit our ministry of spreading the gospel through providing decent homes for deserving families when you name Habitat for Humanity of Lake City/Columbia County in your will. You will also be eligible for tax benefits for your estate. There are two other types of planned gifts that you might want to consider when planning a donation to our organization.

One type is the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) which is useful when donating a highly appreciated asset. With a CRT an annual income may be established, a significant tax deduction may be realized for the year of giving, and our organization receives the balance of the trust after the benefactor’s death.

Another type is the Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) where distributions are made to our organization as a percentage of the trust for a fixed number of years. After that period of time the remainder goes to the donor’s beneficiaries.

Please contact us for more information; Habitat for Humanity Lake City/Columbia County has made arrangements with Professional Investment Advisors who will sit down with you to answer your questions on Planned Giving.